TFC-520,Pilot/Production Scale Roll Compaction System 中试/生产型造粒机
TFC-520 Pilot/Production Scale Roll Compaction System Maximum Proces…
产品型号:TFC-520 源产地:日本 产品价格: --


Pilot/Production Scale Roll Compaction System

Maximum Processing Flexibility

  • Wide Production Capacity: 1Kg to 100 Kg/hr
  • Optional Knife Mill Available
    • Integrated on Front of Unit

Engineered Scalability

  • Roll Gap Control via Hydraulic Pressure
  • Roll and Screw Design Scalable to Production TFC Models

Unique Compaction Seal Design

  • Contained Compaction Zone for
    Reducing Amount of Fines

Inline De-Aeration Design

  • Vertical Hopper and Screw De-Aerates Product Prior to Compaction
  • Optional Vacuum De-Aeration Available

Color Touchscreen Control System

  • Roll Gap Measurement Display
  • Amp and Watt Displays for Roll and Screw
  • Validatable Process Control
    • Hydraulic Roll Pressure
    • Roll and Screw Speeds

Quick Changeover Design

  • Cantilevered Roll for Easy Cleaning

Portable Self-Contained System

  • Electrical and Compressed Air Connections
TFC Models Capacity
Roll Width x Diameter (mm) Roll Speed (RPM) Roll Force
TFC-520  1 - 100      50 x 200  3.0 - 24.0  0.0 - 15.0
  • Actual capacities may vary depending upon product characteristics.
  • Specifications are subject to change. Throughput based on lactose.

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